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Hey there! Kerry Butler here :-)

Recently, I surveyed my fans and followers about what their biggest challenges are with breaking into Broadway as musical theater performers, and I was completely overwhelmed by the response.

So, I put together a 3-part video series to answer your burning questions and help you work confidently towards a career on Broadway, even if you don't live in NYC. 


How do I break into Broadway if I'm not in New York City?


How do I effectively deal with rejection so I don't burn out before I get my big break?


How do you find your mix and stand out in auditions?

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Take a look at what people have said about working with Kerry...

"Working with her for almost three years now I have grown so much in my confidence and my talent. She is the sweetest kindest person to work with. She can get the shyest person to come alive."

Lauren Greenlee 

"Kerry is such an amazing teacher and an empowering mentor. She helped me become a better performer with all the feedback that she’s giving me through the years she has taught me as a teacher from a vocal and acting perspective. Highly recommend working with Kerry."

Rachel Ramos 

"I learned so much about the industry, perfecting my craft, and even got a new song for my book!! You’re an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to work with you again."

Lea Boldon